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Colleagues in the Shropshire Council Public Protection team have been made aware of a scam operating in North Shropshire around tarmacking. Experience from other areas suggests that its likely to be tried in other local areas, so could you pass on this information to your networks to raise awareness of this Scam

Trading Standards Warning:

Residents and businesses especially in rural areas be warned that there are cold-callers in Shropshire this morning trying it on with a ‘tarmac’ scam. They have been out at Ash Parva this morning but can pop up anywhere. They will knock the door and quite plausibly tell you that they have tarmac leftover from a job nearby that they can let you have before it goes off. Or that their machine has broken down and again they need to use the tarmac before it goes off, or something else that they think of. In the real world this doesn’t happen, they won’t have been working on a major road nearby, they’ll be waiting in a lay-by for their scouts to call them across.

This morning, instead of preparing the quote a householder had agreed to receive, a group of men descended on the driveway and begun work without permission and were expecting to be paid.

To make matters worse, often these gangs will quite correctly identify their Limited Company name to add authenticity to what they are doing. They will have formed a Company just for this purpose, for appearances sake alone. Don’t be fooled by this, a scam is a scam.

Anyone with any concerns or wishing to report callers doing just this please call the Citizen’s Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506


Concerns had been expressed in local newspapers about the increase of reported cases of sheep worrying by dogs. A particulary distressing case was reported by a farmer from Chapel Lawn in the Shropshire Star this month.

Police say it is an offence for a dog owner and anyone controlling the dog to allow it to worry livestock on agricultural land. Last month it was revealed dog attacks on sheep are on the increase in the countryside across Shropshire. Under the Animals Act 1971 a farmer, landowner or anyone acting on their behalf has a legal right to shoot your dog to protect their property.

The Countryside Code

Shropshire - Public Rights of Way



Given below are the results of the Parish Council and Unitary Council elections.

Bedstone & Bucknell Parish Council
Elected: Carol Davies, Will Davies, Duncan Cullimore, Nicola Edwards, Jonathan Kemp, Stacie Jones, Ian Owen.

Shropshire Council
Elected: Nigel Hartin


  • Some people have expressed concern about recent visits from door to door salesmen. Young men are in the area selling mainly household and garden ware (such as dusters, oven gloves, gardening gloves). They say they have had a troubled background and are now trying to get some work-experience in selling. They often produce an ID tag.
  • The local Police have been contacted and know about the young men. The Police’s advice is that the men are from legitimate enterprises and most come from troubled backgrounds (their story is true). However, the Police say that if you feel intimidated or do not wish to engage with the men for any reason it is entirely up to you to tell them. Do not feel under any sort of obligation to them.
  • Here is some general guidance to help deal with door to door salespeople:
  • Look to see who is at the door
  • Put the chain on before you open the door
  • Take control:
  • 1) Check the seller’s identity
    2) Use direct language – but be polite
    3) Be prepared to interrupt
  • Don’t invite the person inside
  • If in any doubt, ask the person to leave


Riparian responsibilities
Living on the edge
A riparian owner is someone who has any watercourse within or adjacent to any boundary of their property. Where a watercourse is sited between two or more property boundaries each owner may be equally responsible. Riparian owners are responsible for maintaining the river bed and banks within their section of the watercourse. It is their duty to work towards minimising pollution and preventing obstruction to the water flow.

adobe Download a useful document from the Parish council about your responsibilities.

White Clawed Crayfish alert (September 2016)

The Environment Agency is investigating the deaths of our rare protected native white clawed Crayfish in three locations across the Severn and Wye river catchment. We expect this to be confirmed as Crayfish Plague which is very infectious for Crayfish. White clawed Crayfish look like miniature lobsters, they hide away under rocks and logs during the day, and emerge during the night to eat. They are our largest freshwater invertebrate and the few remaining populations are very vulnerable to this disease and face local extinction. Crayfish Plague is a species specific disease and has no implications for human or other animal health. Dead white clawed Crayfish have been seen in The River Redlake, Shropshire. For further information please download this letter.

Closure of the Meadows Medical Practice, Knighton (September 2016)

The Knighton Surgery, Pennybont Road, Knighton closes on 24th December 2016. For further information please download this letter.

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