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The village of Bedstone is very small having a population of less than 100. The majority of adults are retired, mainly from working on the land, and most of the rest still work the land.
Bedstone map

Map of Bedstone Parish

St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church

Overlooking village is the church of St Mary the Virgin. The website may be found here together with details of the other six churches within the Middle Marches Benefice.

It has the perfect setting for a country church. It nestles among pretty cottages, their varied black and white, stone or brick walls and tiled or thatched roofs contrasting with the warm red sandstone walls of the church. Its proud little shingled spire is a local landmark, visible from many, unexpected angles.
Bedstone College

Bedstone College

One of the most prominent buildings in the village is Bedstone Court which was designed by Thomas Harris and completed in 1882 for Sir Henry Ripley, MP for Bradford. It is a typical Victorian (1837-1901) style building, and is one of the very few Calendar houses in Britain having 365 windows, 52 rooms and 12 chimneys and occupying over 40 acres.

For over half a century the building has been used as a private school. Bedstone College was one of the first independent schools to become fully co-educational and the warm family atmosphere that successful co-education creates is immediately obvious to any visitor.

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